Why It’s Important To Clean Your Sex Toys — Properly!

Why It’s Important To Clean Your Sex Toys — Properly!


If you have sex toys, and I hope you do, keeping them clean should be your number one priority.

Sex toys are not at all like the lived-in favorite pair of jeans you might wear multiple times between washings.

When it comes to sex toys, we’re talking about objects that go in and around your vagina and booty — you absolutely have to clean them after use.

Yes, every single time.

A quick rinse after doing the deed will NOT suffice and unless you’re down for a raging vaginal infection, you must oblige.   Trust us!

As you’ll discover, it’s important to keep your sex toys clean for a number of reasons but it’s also vital that you clean them the right way. 

So you finally got that special toy you’ve had your eye on for months.

You take it out of the packaging and you’re so excited you run to your room to give it a whirl — but wait!

Before you do anything, you must CLEAN IT.

Yes, I know it’s brand new. And it’s never been used before, hopefully.

There could be remnants of the packaging material or even residue from the manufacturing process left behind on the surface of the toy, and I guarantee your vagina is not gonna want to make friends with any of that.

But it doesn’t stop there. You also have to clean your sex toys after using them. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

And if you don’t — you a nasty girl!

Look, you have to be super diligent if you want to keep bacteria and viruses away from your most special spot — even if you’re the only person using your toys.

Can You Get An Infection From Sex Toys?

YES!  You can absolutely get an infection from using sex toys.

Because sex toys go into, out of, and against genital surfaces, they collect bacteria and viruses that not only lead to infection but can also lead to STI’s and STDs.

Especially if you’re using sex toys with a partner or partners.

For instance, Candida yeast can live on a vibrator’s surface, transferring between partners if it isn’t cleaned first. Additionally, a vibrator’s surface can harbor UTI-causing bacteria that can result in a urinary tract infection.

That said, it’s important to understand that different viruses have a longer or shorter lifespan outside of the body.

Hepatitis B and C are bloodborne diseases that can live for days outside of the human body. Hep B can live on the surface of a sex toy for up to a week, while Hep C can do the same for up to 6 weeks.

HIV, on the other hand, is another bloodborne virus but one that doesn’t survive well outside the human body; the risk of transmission via a sex toy’s surface is significantly reduced after several hours.

HPV can survive outside the body for days, however, its ease of transmission through shared sex toys is questionable.

Similarly, you can contract bacterial vaginosis (BV) or candida (yeast) when sharing sex toys with someone else without cleaning them between partners.

SO Using the right product to clean your adult toys will keep you safe and maintain the integrity of your most precious sex toys.


Post time: Mar-15-2023